Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rolled Marble Pumpkin

Since it's about time for pumpkins, I thought I'd post this card. This card uses the Rolling Marble Technique to create easy, unique backgrounds for every card you make. If you want to see a detailed picture-by-picture tutorial on, click here. Otherwise, read my simplified directions to create your own!

To make this card, I took a piece of Very Vanilla Card Stock and used a glue dot to adhere it to the bottom of an empty stamp container a little bigger than the piece of CS. I then dropped a couple drops of Chocolate Chip ink from a re-inker into the corners of the stamp container, trying not to get it directly on the CS. I only used about 2 drops. If you use more, then ink runs more onto your CS than onto the marble and you get corners soaked with ink! Then, I dropped a couple glass marbles (yes, the kind that kids play with) into the ink and gently shook the inked-up marbles all over my Very Vanilla Card Stock. Once it was decorated as much as I liked, I removed the Very Vanilla CS from the container and adhered it to the Garden Green card base. It's fun to do several backgrounds at once to see how differently they come out. Then, you get a variety to choose from!

The pumpkin was fairly simple. I drew a pumpkin shape for the pattern and traced it onto Only Orange Card Stock. Once cut out, I then snipped the pumpkin into all those pieces and adhered it to the Very Vanilla Card Stock. This almost made me think of the natural creases in a pumpkin. If you're going to make a snipped pumpkin, you may want to create several so you can play with how many snips to make. Based on these to cards, I like fewer snips. It seemed like if I made more snips, the pumpkin began to lose its shape. I also created a stem out of a scrap piece of Garden Green CS.

I also created this card with an Only Orange CS base for variety.

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